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Auto determine REAL vs DEMO account (if possible) vote results

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Auto determine REAL vs DEMO account (if possible) Discussion

Oct 12 2009 at 02:16
3 posts
Some people fake their accounts as REAL accounts and I think they are acctually DEMO accounts. As we know, DEMO are much difference from REAL,

Oct 12 2009 at 03:03
3 posts
Especially for scalpers. We really need to know whether they are really REAL or just DEMO

Staff (Staff)
Oct 12 2009 at 22:01
1389 posts
Yes, you're correct - this is an issue we're dealing with for the past several weeks.

We're indeed going to introduce an automatic verification system to overcome this issue.

Thank you.

Oct 12 2009 at 22:11
3 posts
For me the easiest way to find out whether they are DEMO or REAL:
- most REAL accounts have withdrawal amount (ie withdrawal > $0 ). In other words, REAL account do withdrawal
- Look at the 1st Deposit on the statement. DEMO account usually like '... Balance ... Deposit .... 10,000'
  whereas REAL account has more description like ' ... Balance .... Wire Received 10/12/2009 10,000'

Nov 05 2009 at 19:47
10 posts
I agree. I think this is VERY important as too many people use this as a way of validating their systems as many people don't realise there are no checks.

This web site is already probably the best mt4 stats site. A feature like this would make it stand clear of the rest. :)

Nov 06 2009 at 17:06
84 posts
You now have my two investor passwords, so I'm looking forward to being validated as 'Real'!


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