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AutoTrade Subscribed Systems Breakdown vote results

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AutoTrade Subscribed Systems Breakdown Discussion

Apr 16 2013 at 12:55
2 posts
There needs to be a way to monitor each system individually when using AutoTrade.

All trades get lumped together but it is hard to see which system is performing and which is underperforming.

When looking at your portfilio page, if you have 6 systems in your autotrade portfolio, cant there be tabs at the top that run between the different systems that make up your AutoTrade portfilio?

Above the current chart, growth, balance tabs there needs to be tabs that are either Total like it is now or choose between the different systems that make up your auto trade portfolio?

Gain, Abs. Gain, Daily, Monthly, Drawdown, Charts, Advanced Statistics and the rest can be shown for each system that makes up your Auto Trade portfolio.

Look forward to your thoughts,

Apr 16 2013 at 17:26
47 posts
On this note, I'd like to be able to do Custom Analysis based on AutoTrade system. An easy way would be to have you automatically tag each trade with the AutoTrade system that opened it.
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