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Change way of calculating Deposits / Withdrawals when Custom Start is selected Vote Results

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Jan 30 2010 at 08:46
8 posts
Could you change the way the Deposits / Withdrawals are calculated when Custom Start is selected? As it's now, it seems, it 'starts' with a 'virtual' deposit equal to the balance at the day of the last Deposit. Then it uses this number to calc the % Gain. The problem is that between this 'virtual' deposit and the Custom Start the account could have gained / lost money. I think the 'virtual' deposit should be the Balance just before the Custom Start. In this way the % Gain would reflect the 'real' gain of the selected period. As an example, my Alpari portfolio has a Custom start of 01 Jan 2010. At 31 Dec 2009 I had a balance of 2859.43E without open trades. In Jan my profit is 940.11E. I have no deposits/withdrawals in 2010. The gain is 33%. Myfxbook considers the Deposit 2575.77 so the calculated gain is 34.81 and 36.5 for absolute gain (and don't ask me why are the two different).

Ethan (Staff)
Jan 30 2010 at 09:08
1387 posts
xanatos, the custom start function acts as a 'zoom-in' into your account's growth. Your way was also considered at the time of development, however we wanted to reflect the original account's growth so if someone 'zooms out' by selecting the full history of an account, the growth section in the period of the custom start will remain exactly the same.

If we were to do it as you've suggested, the growth line will not be similar to the original growth since the base deposit on which the calculations rely, will be completely different.

As to the differences between cumulative gain and absolute one - the absolute one does not take into account interest, it's a simple (profit/deposits)*100 calculation.

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