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Compared our Performance with other Myfxbook member. vote results

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Compared our Performance with other Myfxbook member. Discussion

widhie75 (widhie75)
Aug 15 2011 at 07:55
12 posts
How about chart showing our trading PERFORMANCE compared with other Myfxbook member...?

Chart type is same as chart in 'Duration-Advanced Statistic'...but based on %Risk, %Win-Loss Profitability, % Drawdown, Gain, Avg. Trade Length, Standard Deviation or else, etc.

I guess it's possible for Myfxbook team to create it....
but if not possible, at least I hope we can measure our performance with other member using some myfxbook tools....

Anyone agree my suggestion? or disagree maybe?

Aug 15 2011 at 11:25
3 posts
This can already be done if you go under the Systems Tab then Compare Systems. You will need to have the person you want to compare on your watch list in order to do so. Hope this helps.

widhie75 (widhie75)
Aug 17 2011 at 04:26
12 posts
this 'Compare System' seems also good feature,,,but i guess its rather hard to use,,,,I not yet sucssessfuly try this feature, still get trouble put link.

About feature that i mean is we don't need to compare side by side, and no need to choose person to compared.

I attach sample chart , and maybe will make myfxbook team and all member here understand what i mean.

Chart type is same as Duration in Advanced Statistic,,,
Chart can be contain many black dots (represent other member) and 1 color dot (represent our position) ... so that we can see how many traders in Myfxbook are same performance level with me,,,or showing how many trader have best performance.

* Black dot represent all myfxbook member,,,,,,,,,, blue dot represent my position.


Aug 17 2011 at 07:54
3 posts
I think this is very possible. They have created a similar comparison chart with the Contests. I would be interested to see if they could make this a feature. Great suggestion.

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