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currencies popularity graph does not adjust for unit value. vote results

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currencies popularity graph does not adjust for unit value. Discussion

pinball (pinball)
Oct 26 2009 at 23:55
159 posts
The currencies popularity chart you get when you click a month in the statistics (a pie chart) does not reflect the actual value of the position.

for instance.

if i have 1039 usdchf long, and 1 xauusd short, i have about the same value long and short because 1 unit gold is 1 ounce of gold, which is about 1039 usd.

the pie chart shows 99.9% usdchf long, and 0.01% xauusd short.

the problem is evident in any pie charts that have for instance audusd, nzdusd, gbpusd, xagusd, xauusd in them.

The way to fix it would be to adjust all units back to usd for any forex pair that does not have usd as the first named currency.
The not so precise way would be just to use current prices, the more precise way would use the currency prices that were active that month.

This is not a big problem as such, but it does mean that the piechart is near worthless except looking cool, as it doesn't reflect the portfolio balancing at all. (if you trade nzd,xau,xag,aud,gbp, or eur or other currency crosses where usd is not the first mentioned)

I would put this fix at low priority (would much more like to have the net asset value thing made first).

knowledge as well as smarts are needed to make money.
Staff (Staff)
Oct 27 2009 at 08:01
1389 posts
Thank you for the detailed explanation, we'll be looking into that.

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