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Custom Notes on Graphs vote results

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Custom Notes on Graphs Discussion

Oct 14 2010 at 15:50
45 posts
Hi All,

Been using Myfxbook for a while and it's great. It's really good to show some other forex investors how your account is performing. One thing that would be fantastic is the ability to add custom notes or 'pushpins' to the three main graphs that you have. e.g. I stop and start various EA's as I go along, and also manually close trades for various reasons, across multiple currencies. Would be great to be able to add a few notes to graphs saying things like 'xxx EA started here'; 'Large crash in USDJPY - manual trades taken' etc..

aj901512 (aj901512)
Oct 14 2010 at 15:54
60 posts
Would love this feature!!

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