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Daily SMS Discussion

Jul 14 2010 at 10:07
24 posts
I would love to receive daily SMS (with ability to set the time) which would update me on the current balance of my Forex account.

It would probably require topping up our myfxbook account with a few dollars though.

Ethan (Staff)
Jul 15 2010 at 14:00
1392 posts
LuckyBastard, thanks for the suggestion!

Aug 11 2010 at 04:12
55 posts
As a premium member we should have an option of:

1.) Drawdown Alert.- If account reaches a certain equity drawdown, we get an alert,
2.) When a Trade is open closed, we get an alert.
3.) MetaTrader Connection- When a broker Disconnects- Very Handy.

I am sure there are other ideas as well..

This would be handy for Many MetaTrader Users, as MetaTrader does not offer this ability with out custom programming.

However, some Broker platforms already have these features built in...

I believe people would pay for this feature.

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