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Demo or Live. Discussion

Jun 06 2010 at 15:35
2 posts
Can we have whether the user has a live or demo account registered with myfxbook under their name?

Staff (Staff)
Jun 07 2010 at 08:29
1389 posts
Sinimini, do you mean even if the accounts are private, you want to know which account types the trader has connected?

szdonnie (szdonnie)
Jun 10 2010 at 03:45
19 posts
i suggest you could add a label near the system or account name with real and demo.

Jun 10 2010 at 12:20
2 posts
Yeah, I think its really important to know if the person whose post I am reading is trading a real account or a demo. It could be as simple as rolling the mouse over their avatar which creates a pop-up informing the reader of whether the account is 'live' or 'demo'. The appeal of this site for me personally is the fact that you can separate those who are walking the walk, as opposed to those talking the talk.
It is annoying to be wasting time on people talking about how good they are only to have to leave the thread to view their account to see if they are trading live or demo. T2W, EliteTrader and Forexfactory are all full of people who are basically lying about their trading abilities. So hopefully you (myfxbook) can allow the member to shine the spotlight more efficiently on the the author of the post they are reading. It would set myfxbook apart from the rest even more.

Aug 11 2010 at 06:16
55 posts
LOL. agreed! Has this been added yet?

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