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EA upadate based on data changes, not based on time vote results

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EA upadate based on data changes, not based on time Discussion

Sep 15 2010 at 10:01
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I would like to suggest how the EA works. Make the EA upload the data only when there is a data change on MT4. So, it's based on the data changes, not based on time. If it based on time, it often upload nothing. You can see this happened on the Experts tabs on Terminal. I like to tell the EA to update as often as possible, but the result is too many data traffics that useless.

It will save even more the already small bandwidth for those who use the EA and really responsive to the changes (almost real time).


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Steve B (stevetrade)
Sep 15 2010 at 10:26
1408 posts
You'd have to monitor all trades on MT4 and create a flag file if something changed, you could then clear the flag file once an upload had taken place. My stop losses can change in a fraction of a second continuously on some of my orders so it wouldn't be appropriate for me. Other traders raise orders every few seconds so it wouldn't work for them.

If both options were available then it might make sense, however if you are that bothered about your bandwidth either get some more or upload to MyFxBook every few hours.

Although I have to say I sometimes have up to a dozen installations of MT4 running on one vps and I've never had a massive problem with bandwidth. Unless you are scalping on arbitrage or something similar then I can't see the additional bandwidth having a major impact.

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Sep 16 2010 at 10:02
17 posts
I got the idea from fxstat. their EA is very efficient. It only update when there is a data change. Just try their EA and you'll know what I meant. I am not trying to promote nor their representative too. In fact I like myfxbook more than all other competitors ;-) Just trying to make it even more cool.

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