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Equity DrawDown Alert ( Email Notification ) - vote results

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Equity DrawDown Alert ( Email Notification ) - Discussion

Mar 07 2013 at 10:55
85 posts
Hi Community,

Please Vote on this feature!!!!!

We would like to see a new feature to enable Email Notifications when our Trading accounts reach a preset Drawdown level.

Our accounts are on the Auto Update through this website and having the option to get an Email alert would be very useful for the **************AutoTrade***********************

Please add a Equity Drawdown Notification option.


The setting should be able to incorporate a Dollar Value AND/OR Percentage Value.

If Equity Less Than the Account Balance - Dollar Value = Send Email

If Equity is less than the Account - Percentage (Account Balance * Percentage) = Send Email

If the Button can be implemented Next to the Discuss Button we then can monitor other Traders Accounts and be alerted if anything goes wrong ( Following a Potential AutoTrade System).

The option should be for all public accounts and not just for our own individual accounts since we often follow other traders.

Would you consider this feature?

xjacks (xjacks)
Apr 18 2018 at 01:35
1 posts
I really need this function as well!

Jul 01 2018 at 06:27
27 posts
This would be a very very useful feature and makes myfxbook even more valuable to traders.

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