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Filter by Comments Discussion

Nov 05 2009 at 17:37
2 posts

Congratulations and many thanks on the excellent tool.

Can you please add a filter by Comments just like the one that filters by Magic Number

Thank you for your time

Staff (Staff)
Nov 05 2009 at 18:11
1390 posts
Thank you, we're glad you like it!

As to your suggestion - since most comments are unique, what would be the point of filtering by comments?

Nov 05 2009 at 18:49
2 posts
The idea is to work a bit like the magic number to help to identify the EA's
But instead of numbers we use the comments since most EA's have the comment field and some are editable

just a thought...

Staff (Staff)
Nov 05 2009 at 20:57
1390 posts
Ok, got it.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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