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Final: Tags, Comments, Magic # for custom analysis vote results

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Final: Tags, Comments, Magic # for custom analysis Discussion

Jun 30 2011 at 19:22
1008 posts
Thank you for implementing tags for custom analysis. This is perfect for manual traders. However, we still need a solution for EA developers.

I have a suggestion and I would like to hear from others about a solution/option to implement magics/comments into the TAG categories.

1.) If the comment or magic # is a duplicate (meaning more than 1 time in the trading history) - we can choose this magic # or comment as a TAG. Once the magic # or comment is linked to a TAG, any new trades from this magic# or comment will automatically be tagged.

The idea behind this is simply to automate the Tagging process for EA developers that want to sort their analysis by Magic # or comment field. I've also went through about 20 pages of past suggestions and we clearly have over 50 votes to implement a solution.,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1

I'm sure there's many more - These are some of the oldest which date back to 2009

Below is just an option of how my idea could work.

  - when we click on custom analysis, we already have a list of all our magic #, maybe a check box, or drodown box to merge this magic # into a specific Tag would be sufficient.

- for the comment criteria - If the comment is a duplicate, these comments will also be displayed in the custom analysis page below the magic # listing - Then we can implement the dropdown or click box to merge these comments into a specific tag.

If you have an easier solution, please leave your comments below.

Jul 02 2011 at 09:04
1008 posts
Will TAGS be available for viewers? I noticed tags are only available for my own custom analysis.

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