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Fix Search Settings Parameters Please vote results

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Fix Search Settings Parameters Please Discussion

T. Buitendyk (tbuitendyk)
Jun 07 2010 at 17:42
141 posts
Each time one goes into 'Systems', the default set-up includes things like 'stylefx' with its 5000% return and its 80% drawdown at the top of the list.

Putting stuff like this at the top is bad for MyFXBook and does not lend itself to being taken seriously as an investment analysis tool. It is not classy to show non-investable systems at the top of the list every time people go into the Systems page.

My advice -- use better default settings across the board in Systems -- maximum drawdown 30%, traded at least in the past two weeks, system age at least one month, all trading activity public, etc.

Also, to make this more friendly to people who do want to keep track of a whole range of systems that meet their own criteria using the Systems page, you should allow registered users to save their Systems page defaults so they can easily keep track of worthwhile systems without having to filter out all of the junk every time.

One more thing -- using simple Gain% is not useful for gauging performance of one system against another. Much more useful would be Daily Gain% or Monthly Gain% -- anything that gives gain over a time period instead of a flat Gain%. The Systems page does not list how long a period the Gain% applies to making the statistic worthless as a comparable.

(Oh, and keep up the good work! ;-))

Gear on the left...
Ethan (Staff)
Jun 09 2010 at 12:06
1392 posts
All are excellent and valid points!

Thanks for the great suggestions! We we'll definitely implement most (if not all) of your suggestions 😄.

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