I don't know how... But inviting Zulutrade signals providers (SP) to submit their trading statement would be a powerfull tool for your developpement and for many users too. This could be very profitable.

Instead of inviting the SP directly. most of Zulutrade users would like to analyse the statements of the SP proposed by ZT. Zulutrade offer the possibility to download the statement of an SP on an Excel sheet. But only the «trading» datas are available... Finding or creating the right tool to analyse is... a Titan job!
If your services could offer the possibility to «upload» Excel datas (with a compatible layout), coming from a downloaded sheet from ZT, would be a great solution. Thousands ZT users will use those services, because the «screening» tools offered by ZT are «light years» away from what it could be done on your «complete» system. The (Excel) data on ZT are coming directly from the SP broker account. So, they are accurate. On your system: SP would have to go directly with «the broker» statement, to be recognize as «verified». But users... should have the possibility to do «manual inputs» for their own use.

The process could be a sort of «open window» for your users, available to insert (copy/paste), datas on an Excel sheet/cells, generating (at glance) a report. Or, if the layout you're using for your analytics tools is perfectly match with the ZT excel sheet layout, a simple (file) upload to your systems could be just fine, to generate a detailed «picture» of the SP system. But this solution could be more «itchy» for programmers, if ZT change their Excel sheet layout, as they've done in the past. ... A simple copy paste function would be ok ...and more easy to manage for you.

In my case, I would like very much to «put» some datas in your system, coming from a couple of SP that are offering their services on ZT.... Creating an accurate, detailed and usefull report that you can offer. That would be great!

Is it possible at this moment?


JF Thiffault (Montreal, Canada)