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Not a suggestion, but a question! Discussion

Dec 11 2009 at 21:51
14 posts

I have a question for which I need help from Admin.

If you log in to my system, you would see in trade history that I initially opened my account with 250 USD. I manage to lose that amount in two straight trades, thus bringing my draw down to 99% which it states in my record.

But after that I deposited 5000 USD and have been effectively trading since than for almost a year now. My DD Level has never reached 30% area (if I am not wrong) since. So when it still shows my DD at 99% for the first two trades with total loss of just 240 USD its very misleading.

Is their anyway to fix this? Like by choosing the time period (if I can move the trading starting date by 5 days it would remove that first two experimental trade) or something else I could do?



Staff (Staff)
Dec 11 2009 at 23:11
1389 posts

We're working currently on a feature which will allow you to customize the period you want to publish.

Once it is released, you'll be able to adjust the account to the desired period.

Thank you.

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