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Option to show the original MT4 "comments" in the trade history vote results

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Option to show the original MT4 "comments" in the trade history Discussion

Sep 29 2009 at 20:13
48 posts
It would be nice to have an option to go 'private' or 'Public' with the original 'Comments' in the MT4 trade history.

Right now, the only way to show publicly in an account which EA made which trade is to write manually each trade comments in the history.

That feature is good also but it would be nice to have another column with the automatically imported original 'comments' of the mt4 trade history. Or if they could automatically fill in the current 'comments' box, that would also do the trick.

To have the original 'Comments' would:

1- Save a lot of manual writing to copy them there for those who want to go public with it.

2- Give a better look at those 'comments' to see at first glance which EA performed which trades and how often they do it.

I think it would be a simple nice feature.

As for those who don't want to show it... Well... They could just check the 'Private' option just like rest.

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Staff (Staff)
Sep 30 2009 at 08:39
1389 posts
This feature is being developed already.

As a side note, what do you prefer? To have 2 different columns for your own comments, and for MetaTrader's comments? Or just one merged column for notes?

Sep 30 2009 at 16:09
48 posts
Maybe 2 columns would be better... So that way people can't cheat by changing what was originally written by MT4.

Also that way, you can have one column of MT4 comments, always visible to see them 'at first glance', and the other just like it is right now, that you just mouse over it to know the complementary comments manually added.

Knowledge is power.
PV Investments
May 19 2016 at 13:08
6 posts
Hello - did this option ever get developed? I don't see it listed as an option to show the original MT4 comments in the history.


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