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Pip-Drawdown calculation Discussion

Feb 20 2015 at 13:12
406 posts
Hello admin... I would like to know if you would be able to add to the individual accounts added to the Portfolio a statistic called "Pip-drawdown" Being that Pip-drawdown is a stat which is included in Drawdown % which of course is very important, maybe allowing us to see the avg Pip-drawdown which a trader has makes it easier for us to determine how efficient a persons system is.
  Many people don'tunderstand that a person could have a small dd% but a very high pip-drawdown. Also making a Lot size range for the pip drawdown would be create. That would allow traders to not manipulate their pip-drawdown.
  So say a trader uses a lot size range of .01 to 10.00 lots. We could have a pip-drawdown calculator which gives the ranges between an inputted lot size. So it would be more important how many pips a system gives to the market when a higher lot size is used compared to a .01 lot size order.

P.S. Pip-drawdown is a stat which is tracked by myfxbook, but in order to see it the account has to be verified, and we have to select individual traders to see the Pip-drawdown.

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