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Pop-up floating Window vote results

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Pop-up floating Window Discussion

rfx (ranesh)
Sep 21 2010 at 05:04
257 posts

Would it be possible to have an icon which when clicked pops out the relevant section in its own little window, which we can then have floating on our desktop ? Something like the google chat window within gmail which can be popped out.

There are basically 5 sections on the myfxbook profile page :

1. Info Box
2. Chart Box
3. Advanced Statistics Box
4. Trading Activity Box
5. Monthly Analytics Box

#4 is not needed for pop-up since this info is available at a glance on the trading platform.

If this can be done, it'll provide us with all the info at a glance without having to switch between the trading platform and the browser.

Thx for some of my other suggestions which have been recently implemented.

Sep 21 2010 at 05:18
941 posts
Yeah, be nice to have the economic calender floating...

rfx (ranesh)
Sep 21 2010 at 05:45
257 posts
Ethan (Staff)
Sep 21 2010 at 08:35
1392 posts
Sounds good.

Thanks for the suggestions guys!

rfx (ranesh)
Sep 21 2010 at 15:00
257 posts
Oh... it would also be nice if you can get these floating windows to refresh automatically everytime it has received an update. 😀


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