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port to iphone? Discussion

simon (ubernova)
Sep 28 2009 at 18:53
16 posts
hi, firstly thanks to the staff of, for constantly bettering the website and listening/implimenting their users suggestions,great updates, as we all expected from you guys!!

i was wondering if there is anything in the works for a iphone/android/windows/blackberry app ? analysis on the move?, since mt4 is availible on windows mobile as are many other trading platforms i guess this would be a priority, though i'm an iphone fan (at the moment).

many thanks
he who dares shall win
Myfxbook (Staff)
Sep 28 2009 at 19:25
1411 posts
Thank you for the nice words ubernova!

We're currently working on many features requested by you guys, but once those are done, this feature will definitely be prioritized.

We're now considering of opening a free api to our platform.

If there are some talented programmers here who would like to use it to develop applications, please raise your hands - we will expedite the development of the api.
Sep 29 2009 at 04:04
5 posts
oh yeah, open api with plugins and apps sounds real good.

Also when the community gets bigger, you should more more towards facebook, with 'friending' etc.
Sep 29 2009 at 04:08
5 posts
actually to clarify, the info myfxbook currently provides, is not something people need instant acces to e.g on iphone, so would suggest putting it low on the todo list.
Tom Wilson (tommy)
Jan 11 2010 at 13:22
6 posts
I would love an iPhone App.

@ mikkaworks I am an automated trader and when I don't have access to my VPC I always use myfxbook to have a gander at how my bots are doing. Having access to this on the road or on the couch would be great!

Ironically, as it stands right now, I can use the other (and not as good) stat sites better on the iPhone because they don't rely so much on flash.

If there was an API for myfxbook I would definitely take the time and work on something... even if it were just a webapp for a quick glace at recently closed / currently open trades.
Jun 22 2010 at 22:17
5 posts
iPhone app approved by Apple just one hour ago:

Support for:
- Trade history
- View open trades
- Account information
- View charts
- And more...
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