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Premium Website Minus the Adds Boxes. vote results

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Premium Website Minus the Adds Boxes. Discussion

Jul 23 2010 at 21:46
14 posts
Please dont take me other wise, I am not asking to putting a limit on anything existing, I am just asking for one additional offering.

And that offer is : 'An option to remove adds from my Page for me and for people who visit my System page and profile.

Many professionals who I ark with would like it. has similar services, bu paying just little over 2 USD a month, anyone can get ride advertisements removed from their profile for themselves and for visitors to their profile.
Jul 24 2010 at 05:43
941 posts
I don't mind the one on the right, even clicked the thing to go have a look at go markets, so I found it kind of useful as I can see who is opening shop, but that one on top spoils the hole look of the website...
Myfxbook (Staff)
Jul 24 2010 at 17:04
1405 posts
Well, it depends on how many users are interested in such an option, so we'll be keeping an eye on the votes on this one.

Elkart, give it some time, you'll grow into it 😉.

Thanks for the suggestion!
Aug 11 2010 at 03:59
55 posts
I would pay $24 a year to remove my ads from my System Page. It would give a more Professional feel when Investors Visit your System Page. You got My Vote!

Great Idea..
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