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show ticket numbers in the results Discussion

Nov 19 2010 at 04:48
23 posts
I like mt4i a lot more then myfxbook. Because on mt4i the order tickets show up in the statement. That gives a lot more transparenty. If the one that publishes his results and says with which broker he is trading then you can immediatly check what he says by opening an demo account with that broker and see if the ticket orders correspond with the ticket orders that are shown on his statement.

Myfxbook has a so called a featur that shows that accounts are checked or trades are verified but that does not proof anything. It is not clear and direct enough to see iif the results are generated on a demo account or a real account.

I hope my post want get deleeted by the owners of this forum (because I recommend an other publisher) but that they learn from it.
And if they want they can make a setting so that people can hide their ticket orders.
But when you guys will look to an account that hides the ticket orders then you can already think or conclude 'IF THE OWNER OF AN ACCOUNT WANTS TO HIDE SOMETHING IT IS BECAUSE HE HAS TO HIDE SOMETHING'... (he does not want to be transparent).

Ex. I give 2 links and both are with ATC brokers.
One is demo and the other is real:

If one want to check if I am trustworthy then he opens a demo with ATC and he can immediatly see based on the ticket orders which one is the demo if he takes in a small trade and checks the ticket number of that trade with the ticket numbers of the last trades on both accounts.
One could still think if his ticket numbers are that much different I could still be on a demo account with an other broker. But there will always be someone here who has a real account with them to confirm if that statement is correct or not.

The same goes for people who hide their open trades and and open orders. They so called come with the excuse that they don't want people to copy their trades. BULLSH*T. Because you can put a 24h delay in your publisher so that the results only apear 24h hours later then when you took the trades in.
If they then still worry because people will most of the times be cappable of taking in their positions cheaper then they took them in then this means and proofs that there is something seriously wrong with their system

For years I have always pleated for total transparency because there are so much bullshiters and GREAT PRETENDERS around.

Friendly regards... FXiGoR

PS. To the owners of this forum I do not have any connection what so ever or any affiliate bussines with www,mt4i,com
Nov 19 2010 at 09:41
556 posts
FXiGor, I have nothing against you but what you've written is absolute rubbish!

From a technical point of you, your check of the ticket numbers is worthless, as the statement can be forged quite easily with some basic programming knowledge.

Also, there are many reasons to hide your ticket numbers - anonymity is one of them.

Myfxbook is doing an excellent job in verifying the accounts - they already do the verification process for you, so I'm not sure why are you looking verify the accounts yourself.
I can't explain the verification process better myself, so you can take a look here:
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