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Sorting/grouping magics vote results

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Sorting/grouping magics Discussion

Aimak (Aimak)
Mar 17 2010 at 12:28
149 posts
I just realised that my EA testing account is showing more magics than expected. I would be very helpful for me to apply blue color to all magics starting with '620' and red color to those starting with '610'. This way I can compare the performance of different EA settings.

Is it possible to add the option to sort or group the magics recorded using a regular number sequence or series, so the user can give a name or a color to a range of magics?


exquisite entries with calculated exits
Staff (Staff)
Mar 17 2010 at 16:05
1389 posts
Aimak, it's possible and already been asked before - will be added.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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