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'Systems' page - modify pre-filtering please vote results

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'Systems' page - modify pre-filtering please Discussion

Grzegorz Gruszka (kurak)
Jul 28 2010 at 09:09
24 posts

I'd like to request to remove pre-filtering of 'System' page, especially 'Max Drawdown'. I know my system is risky (DD 33%) but I think it is still interesting. Before you started to pre-filter the 'System' page I had had many visits and some queries about my system. Now, hardly nobody visits my system page. Why don't you let users to choose the filter instead of pre-filtering it for them (us). Or at least give a user an ability to define default filer that will be applied every time he/she vists the 'System' page.

kind regards,

Grzegorz Gruszka (kurak)
Jul 28 2010 at 13:51
24 posts
Hi again,

So, I set a 'custom start date' and now my DD is 0.47% and my account is visible on the first page again. It meets pre-filter requirements but it looks as if I was trying to hide something, while I am not. My account is completely open (besides balance). Again, in my opinion it would be better if there was now pre-filtering. Now my DD is misleading because I play aggressively. I hope you take my opinion into consideration :)

Kind regards,

Ethan (Staff)
Jul 31 2010 at 15:15
1392 posts
Kurak, the 30% limit was determined as the optimal setting for the default search. If enough users vote on your suggestion, we will consider revising it.


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