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A toggle for stats on 'sequences' and not just trades vote results

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A toggle for stats on 'sequences' and not just trades Discussion

Jul 26 2010 at 07:40
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This a great service for traders, thank you! 😄
My suggestion is an improvement in the reporting for trades - an option to report it slightly differently, perhaps toggling between two styles.
While some traders might place one trade at a time, many also like to scale in and out of trades. At present, adding units/lots to an existing trade is counted as another trade for reporting purposes, as is taking units off.

In my own spreadsheets, i don't count trades but 'sequences'. A sequence could last for the entire day and have multiple adds and trims, or there could be a sequence for each and every trade. For instance, if I sell 5x on the open, cover 2 at 2hrs in, then sell-buy and sell-buy the two a couple more times over the day while always retaining my original 3 lots from the open, this is one sequence. Alternatively i sell 5 on the open, then buy back 10 to reverse my position. This is another sequence as the direction of the pair changed.

Specifically, the first trade after a period of time when the account has had no position in a particular pair, signals the start of a new sequence. That sequence exists until the account is once again having no position in the pair or the direction changes.

Many thanks for considering this improvement.😐

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Ethan (Staff)
Jul 26 2010 at 15:44
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Interesting method - and how are you 'seeing' these sequences in your spreadsheet? In a chart? A table? An image would be much appreciated. 😄

Thanks for the suggestion!

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