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Widget with Balance and Equity vote results

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Widget with Balance and Equity Discussion

Jul 12 2010 at 22:22
8 posts

it would be really helpful to have a very small widget only showing the portfolio name, balance and equity (and maybe the number of open positions). This would give a very quick view on the 'health state' of a system or an account. Maybe it is also possible to use something like a list of the data above to have the overview on all your portfolios in only one second.

And the very best would be to include such a widget (or the informations above) in a gadget for Windows. With that tool you have everything directly on your desktop! There is a gadget using a standard widget in the programming blog, but unfortunately it uses growth, DD and Co. But this uncomfortable to use for a quick look on the vitality.

Could you please help?

Ethan (Staff)
Jul 15 2010 at 13:58
1392 posts
Christian, thanks for the suggestion!

Aug 11 2010 at 04:15
55 posts
This is another great idea... We as users should be able to customize the widget and choose what we want to implement into the widget.

balance- Equity-Positions opened - Closed- profit Factor- Pip Gain- Absolute Gain- and any other statistical add on that may be needed to display the system with more transparency.

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