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$$$ Manager (By fxveteran )

The user has deleted this system.

$$$ Manager Discussion

Steve B (stevetrade)
Apr 09 2010 at 19:58
1415 posts
Excellent performance, you can manage my money any day :)
11:15, restate my assumptions: 1. Mathematics is the language of nature. 2. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers. 3. If you graph these numbers, patterns emerge. Therefore: There are patterns everywhere in nature.
pc8multifx (pc8multifx)
Apr 09 2010 at 20:40
879 posts
Even when it looks nice, I wouldn't trust my money on that. There must be enormous risk be involved to achieve such a daily performance. A nightmare for every serious investor.... Lets wait for the collapse😉
Philippe (Cyrillic)
Apr 10 2010 at 01:05
13 posts
Send me your info, looks interesting...
If it can't be bought its not worth my time...
Tim (Tiger7F168)
Apr 10 2010 at 03:44
40 posts
Can i get your info too plz? thanx.
Jesus is the Only Way
Apr 10 2010 at 06:01
2 posts
Thanks for your interest, guys. If you are interested, mail me at [email protected] I will give you more details.
Sure its just the beginning, but I wanted to show you the performance of the system from the very start, so you can track it every day. So check it out again later.
Apr 10 2010 at 06:57
95 posts
Wows.. +934.05% gain in 1 day.
E.g. equity = $10,000.00
Leverage = 1:200
Total pips gained = 3120
no. of trades = 50
pips/trade = 62.4 pips

profit % = 934.05%
profit = $10,000.00*934.05% = $93,405.00

$ size of 1 pip = $29.94
Each trade lotsize = 2.99

Max range for GBPUSD yesterday = 250 pips
Min. possible no. of trades = 3120/250 = 12.48
Min. no. of concurrent positi 50/12.48 = 4.01

Total lotsize of concurrent positi 4.01*2.99 = 11.99
Total $ size of concurrent positi $1,199,419.07
Margin required = $1,199,419.07/200 = $5,991.10

Total $ size of 1 pip of concurrent positi 11.9*10 = $119.94
Remaining equity available opening positi $10,000.00 - $5,991.10 = $4,002.90

No. of pips before blowup = $4,002.90/$119.94 = 33.37 pips
I doubt the full range(250) of the day was used, I suspect it might have been more trade instances with or without more concurrent trades.

0% drawdown. (The moment you open a trade, you'll already experience drawdown due to the spread. I suspect myfxbook calculates drawdown from the starting equity instead of the previous balance. Which is wrong.)

All in the performance is possible. You got to be a righteous sniper though. 34 pips to blowing out per trade instance. On GBPUSD, gutsy.

Could be completely wrong in my calculations though. lol..
Apr 11 2010 at 04:30
2 posts
Clearpaper and other fellow traders, if you have any doubts, please wait a few days to see further performance. Any calculations or assumptions will not help. This is just theory. I really advise you to hold with your opinions. I am very confident in my system and will prove it works not for a day or two.

The only thing with the drawndown requires some attention: it zero, because there are no negative trades till now. If there are any negative trades, there will be some drawdown. I don't say there will be no negative trades at all later. Probably there will be some small ones. But till now all the trades were positive since the system is very precise.

The spread has no influence on the drawdown. It's not the equity, it's the margin change that matters. So the spread at the moment of opening the trades or even a trade is negative for some time, the drawdown is not created, only when a trade is closed.
Apr 11 2010 at 06:26
62 posts
Beware !

This kind of performans suggests an easy smelling air of wiped account... like in casino.
Over long term studying stability, minimum is 3 months

Hidden transactions prove that the trader does not want to show you risk undertaken as they may be unreasonnable

I could do that as well, but it is not serious to do so, as capital could not last very long, my experience proves it.

This site is not perfect as it does not show the relative drawdown, here we have moreover 0% maximal drawdown... I guess that the relative drawdown has reached 50% a few times, I'm writing to the site owner so that to add relative drawdown
Apr 11 2010 at 17:02
95 posts
Hi fxveteran,

I see what you say and it makes sense about myfxbook's definition of 'drawdown'. And I'm sure it's largely for the fact that only the account history is uploaded and not running trade data. It is possible to have a trade bring your available margin down by 99.9% and then recover to close at breakeven or a winning trade, and myfxbook will still record it as 0% drawdown. This is obviously misleading and/or misguided(not your fault). This is also not the same definition of drawdown used in mt4 reports which does report it correctly.

Regarding your performance, I'm skeptical but I don't outright doubt you. It takes a lot of guts to trade on such a fine margin. 34 pips, or rather 30 pips since there's a 4-pip spread, before you get a margin call. How an automated system does something like that is nothing short of amazing. And how you'd allow a system with that kind of thin margin for error to trade your money takes amazing faith in it and nerves of steel.

And the thing is, I wouldn't have to speculate on the numbers (and I'm not really speculating, the math adds up) if you didn't hide the trade history. Virtually all data is hidden. You do realise you can sell your services better if you are more transparent, right? Don't take this the wrong way but it comes off as a little shady.
SolarFX (forexma)
Apr 11 2010 at 19:53
1332 posts
Dear fxveteran, if I had an EA which could generate such profits I would never think of managing other's funds. This rings the bell(or should I call it alarm) for me. If your profits are capitalised your monthly profit should be gazillions of $ even starting with 1000$ and in just one year you could be richer than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined. And yes... if you unhide your trading history it would be much easier to 'believe'.
I'm pretty sure that the way your EA trades won't allow it to trade live account or non SCAM broker. So if you want to be taken seriously the least you can do is to unhide your broker, open trades, history and account type. If you don't do that it's not even worth to waste my time to e-mail you for additional information.
"In trading, winning is frequently a question of luck, but losing is always a matter of skill."
Apr 12 2010 at 16:26
2 posts
Agreed. I wont believe it until I see some unlocked data for history and open trades.

If it passes the test... then wowzer!
Apr 12 2010 at 23:40
9 posts

there is a performance mannaged account with?
Apr 13 2010 at 02:59
140 posts
I don't care how how he does it.
This business is full of risk and if you don't like it go and invest in mutual funds or etfs.
The key is not investing what you can't afford to loose and understanding the risk.
Yes, I bet anyone that the risk with this system is huge but I would still give this guy a $100 anytime.
Yes, only a $100 because 1) I see the huge risk and if he losses it I wont think twice about it 2) if he can sustain this rate or even half of this rate that $100 will become a million in no time.

I only hope he has nerves of steel to keep this long term and won't end up in ICU anytime soon.
Marco Pearlo Encarnacion
Apr 13 2010 at 03:06
127 posts
Gain: 1455.23%

Equity: 294.77% huge difference from gain = huge floating loss???
Apr 13 2010 at 03:19
140 posts
Actually that equals huge floating profit
Marco Pearlo Encarnacion
Apr 13 2010 at 03:20
127 posts
Apr 13 2010 at 04:02
68 posts
When are people going to wake up and see reality in Forex trading. It always amazes me that o many will fall for something that is so dumb and so far from any common sense.
Look at what I wrote below
start with a $5000 seed end of 1 month of trading is
$ $9800
$ 283,456 1-year

The above is with a EA that only makes 40% per month at the end of only 1 year you would have $283,456
in 2 year it would be high in the millions and remember only 40% per month.

You see not one that posts here on myfxbook has a ea that will do 40% per month on a live account for a whole year..
Why because they would not be here that's why. If you truly have something that good you tell no one.
I only recently published my own results by request but I also may take them down soon. I have no need to prove anything.

So just be careful people if you have someone trade your account with such high numbers. 295% of nothing is still nothing and that will happen to your account no doubt about it..
Apr 13 2010 at 21:02
92 posts
Lets see here.

LIve account - Real Money - not a demo. He does not ask that anyone do anything other than watch and see and so many critics.

Go figure.

Perhaps if it was a demo there would be room for critics here.

I do not know this trader ,but he has the , whatever, to put his money where his mouth is.

And as to running managed accounts, well he could wait a few years and make a million or so being quiet, or go public and make it faster.

Personally I do not believe that tomorrow is promised to anyone, so if he wants to open a business, and make more, faster, then all the more to him, and more pips perhaps tp those that put some trust forward.

Good luck with your venture and trading, and hope you not only make it to the top, but make millions doing it.

Those that say it can not be done should leave those that are doing it alone.
Steve B (stevetrade)
Apr 13 2010 at 21:23
1415 posts
Good post!
11:15, restate my assumptions: 1. Mathematics is the language of nature. 2. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers. 3. If you graph these numbers, patterns emerge. Therefore: There are patterns everywhere in nature.
Apr 13 2010 at 21:31
92 posts
Thanks Steve
I get the same at times when I release a new program, in that, if it is so good why sell it.
Answer has always been simple, 500 limited copies, at 600 plus dollars and an extra 250k in my trading account.
I get older everyday and this fellow is trying hard, from what I can see that get to his goals as fast as possible.

Really wish this fellow great success
Those that say it can not be done should leave those that are doing it alone.
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