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2018 EUR/USD M15 $10k start (Vs) (By BenefitEA )

The user has deleted this system.

2018 EUR/USD M15 $10k start (Vs) Discussion

Jun 17 2018 at 14:18
5 posts
you really think its normal DrawDown to sell EA ?
Total Scammer from Russia - you robot blow our 2 real accounts! We need moneyback !

BenefitEA (BenefitEA)
Jun 18 2018 at 05:56
5 posts
First and most importantly - the drawdown of the account is not the account that died. On the chart, it is honestly shown that at the time when this drawdown was in progress, a recommended deposit is needed. The deposit and the adviser fulfilled the task.
Further. You claim without proof that you bought a product from me. You do not give arguments. Invoice for purchase. Correspondence with us. Settings. Broker with whom you worked. Where did you have the remote server? In fact - this is your statement has no basis. We live in the digital world. Zero information.
Detailed step-by-step information and tracking is provided only to partners. We give free of charge all our working settings. At this point in time, regular sales include basic settings for one pair.
All accounts that are represented on this resource can not be fake. This is guaranteed by the mythbox itself.
It's written on my site, but I, for you I will repeat. Advisor is a tool!
We have a channel on YouTube, where periodically we show a week or two of real accounts. This, too, can not be faked. This is all checked in real time.
I sincerely regret that you lost money. I also lost. But I worked on mistakes and here is the result - these accounts. Present and working.
I did not force you a bot. This is an adviser for personal needs. But available for purchase.
If you bought the game and could not get through it - the manufacturer is not to blame. You did not have enough skill!

Beneift Expert Advisor, to trade with us is easy
EvgeniiStamler (Evgenii_Stamler)
Jun 19 2018 at 14:26
2 posts
ManagerTS, You need to understand that this is not a machine for printing money. It's a tool! Once I also suffered losses, but these were my mistakes. My mistakes led to losses. This robot is a good tool and it requires good skills for correct use.

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