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24 PAIR 0.01 MARTINGALE (DAILY GOAL= 1%) (By donchang )

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24 PAIR 0.01 MARTINGALE (DAILY GOAL= 1%) Discussion

donchang (donchang)
Jun 06 2017 at 06:53
12 posts
EA IS $250.

Message me for more info.

donchang (donchang)
Jun 09 2017 at 08:47
12 posts
I'm tweaking this EA for 1% profit daily on a martingale account. As of now, we are hitting the 1% a day mark.

In 3 days, 1500 trades and $10USD profit.

This is on a $304USD account.

donchang (donchang)
Jun 09 2017 at 08:51
12 posts
Today, I made too much, I think my settings too aggressive. The good thing is, after TP, the float is gone from that pair and it starts again.

I currently set 20 pairs at 0.01 lot each.
Multiplicity Layer ranges from 1.25-1.45 depending on volatility.

I tired 1.1, but it was too little, I was getting negative profit on the statistics.

Today I saw 10% DD... grrrr~

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