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£3 To Glory (By QPDFrags )

Gain : -99.1%
Drawdown 99.90%
Pips: 389.6
Trades 101
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:400
Trading: Manual

£3 To Glory Discussion

Jul 29 2018 at 07:05
1 posts
Trading Forex since May 2018, and crypto in January 2018, i have deposit £420 and my down draw is currently 99.82% for my full trading history that equate to £3.36, which is where i started this journey at, my ATH since £3 is £150 which i swiftly tumbled back down to £15 because i used shite risk management, emotional trading, desperation to break losing streak and some other things, a slight adjustment to my swing strat has showed success, i hit £15 on the 25/07/18 and using 0.02 lots and a single 0.04 in 1 and a half days from going to £15 i have got to £40, lets see where the future goes
Additional Info
This is now a weekly post on the forex reddit as some have requested it
My hope for this account is to reach a few thousand and my real goal? youngest forex millionaire, unlikely but i can have hopes goddamit! current age is 16 years old, birthday in May

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