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3m beta test (By doblece)

Gain : +21.09%
Drawdown 15.20%
Pips: 938.4
Trades 184
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:50
Trading: Manual

3m beta test Discussion

Mar 07 2011 at 20:46
8 posts
This DEMO account was created as part of a testing period database consisting of 4 different traders' demo accounts at IBFX.

The system employed is the follow-up of my Multi-TF BB strategy, which results (2009) can be seen at:

The only difference that has been implemented is related to maximal floating drawdowns allowed and a greater distance between the averaged-in trades, besides reducing the maximum of sequential trades to a half (however the 6 trades max is still in place, but applies to short-term trades taken 'inside' the bigger TF range).

It now uses a combination of intraday/swing and scalping.

As of today, it will be showing as accurate as possible the trades taken in my Oanda FxManager for FxTrade account (at least the longer term ones), due to the impossibility of reporting directly as I was doing two years ago. The monitorization of the real account will always be prioritized so there could be inferior results on the demo, and also the possible scalping trades and overall amount may differ quite a bit.

However, the core of the strategy and MM remains the same in both, and only differs from 2009's real account in that now the maximum floating drawdown allowed before scaling out all losing positions has been set to 5% (was 10-15%) and at 2% (was 5-7%) floating DD I am looking to start liquidating partially starting from the farther negative position.

Finally, and as I am publishing the same results on another web platform, this summary will be updated more or less on a weekly base.


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Jun 04 2011 at 20:51
735 posts

how is it going. I liked the old 2cc system, generated little profits day by day.

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