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3ordersday (By 3ordersday )

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3ordersday Discussion

Mar 17 2017 at 05:53
272 posts
toureast (toureast)
Mar 27 2017 at 06:37
5 posts
Does somebody have any experience with this EA 3ordersday? Negative or positive? The account they open with that broker are a MICRO or NORMAL account? Somebody know?

Mar 28 2017 at 17:34
111 posts
real scammer,you buy the EA and the sent you nothing.... scam

Mar 29 2017 at 06:21
14 posts
Sir, please

wait one day more

we programming new update

today is very bad day for use EA, more volatility

new version is ok, in 24 hours max

we work quickly

if no send in 48 hours, we make refound (90 days guarantee payment gateway)

dont worry


Mar 30 2017 at 12:09
5 posts
Why is your website sometimes not connectable?

Mar 30 2017 at 14:37
14 posts
here is not place for support
go to website

michaelkim (michaelkim)
Mar 30 2017 at 23:26
181 posts
Mar 31 2017 at 06:54
494 posts
there is questionable issue here that you should be careful before making a purchase decision. This EA works on Lowcost broker who is an unregulated broker and has many complaints . Please question yourself why the owner doesn't use this EA with a reputable broker

There will always some good opportunities , just don't give up
Mar 31 2017 at 10:28
14 posts
follow me in Forexpeacearmy

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