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50%month(demo) Discussion

PacMan (stef)
Nov 23 2010 at 18:18
47 posts
with such a beautiful trend, my 'trend-breakout soft martingale' gave some pips and $$$, the 15% per month on this demo account hab been done on 4 days
PacMan (stef)
Nov 27 2010 at 08:23
47 posts
the down trend on EU continue this week and my 'trend-breakout soft martingale' has done her job, she is on a 50% perf by month, wich is more than i expected (around 15% per month)
the real account who is attempted to give 5% per month (ans less drawdown and risk) is ok and achieve his target

the parameter on this 2 accounts won't be changed next week
PacMan (stef)
Nov 30 2010 at 13:46
47 posts
marvelous trend, sometime i don't know why i don't use the same parameter on my real account !!
PacMan (stef)
Dec 02 2010 at 18:49
47 posts
10.000 pips ! first 10.000 pips has been reached today
the ea is on a 80% perf by month wich is much more than expected
breakout strategy are back !
PacMan (stef)
Dec 17 2010 at 17:20
47 posts
yep, another very good week, the equity curve is ok, 20000 pips and +82% in five weeks
PF actually at 1.38

the real account works the same but with risk/10 so gain is /10 also
next week, i will continue with the same parameter

the EA lives on the volatily of the EURUSD and actually the volatility is here
good wend
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