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55915-SW,PipLaser,Atinalla FE (By muzzamcc )

The user has deleted this system.

55915-SW,PipLaser,Atinalla FE Discussion

May 02 2011 at 06:24
6 posts
Hello muzzamcc,

Did you use stealth-mode on your piplaser?
My PipLaser also didnt close today i think it could dependt on the 'Stealth-Mode' setting!?


May 02 2011 at 07:15
51 posts
Not using stealth mode. It closed alright eventually, for a few pips gain. 5 pips or so in 2 hours. Just demo


May 03 2011 at 14:15
6 posts
I found my mistake,

I have tested different settings of the ea.
It seems that piplaser close the order around the piptarget.
If the piptarget is too far away from the current price it didnt close the order.
So when a set the PipTarget back to 8 it had closed yesterdays order correctly.
With 6.3 pips in profit !

Problem solved!

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