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74538.61% profit within 3 months (By multibotfxrobot )

The user has deleted this system.

74538.61% profit within 3 months Discussion

Jul 07 2015 at 16:12
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Jul 09 2015 at 06:11
7 posts
i can't access the real's showing private
Jul 09 2015 at 08:12
5 posts
Please don't be fooled by this scammer, he has already blown accounts with his robot that will only work on demo accounts or dodgy brokers that won't allow you to withdraw profits. you can read all about it at,12 he will block anyone from his discussion threads who points out this scam, and then set up a new profile and thread so be on the lookout for any robot promising massive gains like this one.
Jul 09 2015 at 08:12
5 posts
he also won't honor refund policy see this quote from a purchaser:

Member Since Mar 19, 2014 13 posts upandgo Jul 07 at 07:00
Beware of AmmyScalper !

It is just a pure scam !!

I have bought it and it didn't worked.
Luckily havent paid the whole price what he is asking now for it.

Since 2 days i ask for refund, which is guaranteed on his website, but don't get a reply.

He has directly blocked me to post in his discussions, before i ever could post something there...!

His name is ' Ragannath Behera ' and he is very well known since 3 years with all the same system.
Produce some fake profit accounts, sells EA for 1.500 - 2.000 and deliver non working bullshit EA.

Here you can find some older information and address about him:,2

PS: Perhaps somewhere else can share this info in the official AmmyScalper discussions, because i am blocked there...
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