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Acorn G10 PAMM (By STG )

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Acorn G10 PAMM Discussion

STG (smudger)
Nov 24 2017 at 11:34
28 posts
This system is based on the Acorn strategy (see our main Acorn account for more details & track record) but running in a 'low risk' mode, no JPY crosses.

While the Alpari PAMM account is new, the system is not and we believe the testament to that is seeing $12K USD in deposits this week alone.

The strategy aims to make between 3 ~ 5% per month, not exciting compared with some other systems here although we believe we are consistent. Couple that with compounding and the gains soon add up.

The history is open for this account so feel free to browse and comment, mark us on your weekly watch list to see our performance over the coming months, quarters and years.
STG (smudger)
Dec 01 2017 at 12:36
28 posts
A solid +5% return for November
Max drawdown for the month was 1.61%

Over $13kUSD deposited fro investors to date.

More details available here

STG (smudger)
Dec 22 2017 at 11:01
28 posts
Wishing all our investors, suppliers and contacts a happy and healthy festive season! Best wishes from all at STG for 2018 & beyond
STG (smudger)
Jan 04 2018 at 07:40
28 posts
An on target December returning +5% with a max drawn-down for the month of 1.75%.
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