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Acorn - J (Archived) (By STG )

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Acorn - J (Archived) Discussion

STG (smudger)
Apr 02 2017 at 07:46
28 posts
Acorn fund 'J' books +5% in March, max drawndown from inception 6.6%, +13% YoY.

Our main fund returned slightly less for March, although still 43% YoY.


STG (smudger)
Apr 20 2017 at 06:18
28 posts
2017 So Far & April.

A quick update on Acorn and performance to date. In the first quarter of 2017 the system returned +20% (inclusive of trading costs), with a maximum drawdown of 7%, all positive months – At Smith Trading Group we have yet to complete any month, quarter or year as a negative.

At the time of writing April has been a fairly slow month, returning +2.5% with 7 trading days remaining. While some would argue this is frustrating, Acorn trades on good opportunity – not randomly opening / closing trades in the hope or false promise of profit. What does this mean? We sit tight, preserve our capital, keep costs to a minimum and strike to good effect when the right opportunity presents itself. If the system were not to trade for the remainder of April (I have high confidence it will) then we have still cleared another month in profit.

If you have a question, or anything else on your mind then feel free to get in contact!
STG (smudger)
Apr 30 2017 at 06:45
28 posts
Acorn Performance continues to impress

4 Month Winning Steak for Acorn

Acorn J ends the month again with a positive return of +4%, April marks the 4th month of consecutive gains.

We continue to beat global benchmarks and make customers consistent money from the financial markets.

Join our service now and start profiting.
STG (smudger)
Jun 01 2017 at 06:23
28 posts
Another winning month, +12% return. Low risk trading at it's very best.
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