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Alpari 1000 Micro 1 Live (By xgavinc )

The user has deleted this system.

Alpari 1000 Micro 1 Live Discussion

May 16 2012 at 14:35
235 posts
Took a major knock with spot silver yesterday, finally was able to close out the last 3 buy positions (XAGUSD) at a loss before any further damage was caused on available margin.
Back to trading only EURUSD on 0.01 pips, hedging buy and sell positions and closing out daily maximum negative order covered by profit.

Plan of action in order of priority:

1. Recover losses from XAGUSD (approx $441.00)
2. Change EA to manual lot entries.
2. Bring Equity over initial deposits for this year (>$1200)
3. Bring Equity over initial deposits total (>$1875)
4. Change lot size to 0.02 on $2000 equity target.
5. Transfer 50% monthly equity gain to new account - this will form part of my performance portfolio.

Will update this thread as progress resumes.
For every loss there should be at least an equal and opposite profit.
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