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Alpha1 Love Gratitude Happiness Freedom (By slpanda)

Gain : +125.47%
Drawdown 11.92%
Pips: 10835.1
Trades 3861
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

Alpha1 Love Gratitude Happiness Freedom Discussion

slpanda (slpanda)
Mar 21 2018 at 08:33
38 posts
I have just completed v2, this should be less riskier and make more profit. No more then 16% draw down and more than 2% per week.
It use's 4 strategies.
1 scalper at only 3 pips per trade. Less then a ms to the data center IC Marksts. Takes only 6 percent risk estimated.
2 Martingale, this has been refine significantly. 16 percent.
3. Breakout strategy. estimated 16% drawdown
4 and probably the best strategy is manual. This looks for a reversal in the direction of fundamentals.
1-2 percent er trade. not sure what the drawdown is on this strategy, I am guessing 70-80% at 1:1. This is the best of all the strategies. When it wins it wins big. Relative to the other strategies. Breakout has a similar result but the win percentage is less.
The full strategy is avaliable ehn you do a custom date.

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