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Also Private King Arthur (By LslNitro )

The user has deleted this system.

Also Private King Arthur Discussion

Oct 07 2009 at 19:30
8 posts
ANother loser on this system here.

Since you are for sure using a losing system and do not know how to make you own money you have to try and take away form a programmer that has constantly made money for all his members.

Go figure why is it that all the losers can not simply get a life of their own.
Oct 07 2009 at 21:07
8 posts
Nice to see you know the truth.
Just published this one to show people the other publish of King Arthur was not for real.
I see Pheniox has deleted his publish!
Oct 08 2009 at 02:31
24 posts

If king Arthur is not true...then wer you get this result from?
Oct 08 2009 at 04:53
8 posts
Look at this site.

Use the first account 19776 on this website.
Login in MT4 with investor password and you can publish your own KA.
Oct 08 2009 at 19:23
8 posts
Yes ofcourse it is scam.

I just wanted to say that this Pheniox who told everybody he had made a good program, did not make the program.
He just used account 19776 with investor password bu8kmn8
Then he uploaded it to myfxbook and told a story on how good he is with programming and that is not for sale.
Ofcourse it is not for sale, because he don't have the program.

So i did the same and gues what, i get excatly the same results. The same amount of trades and the same amount of profit pips. When this pheniox noticed there were more accounts with the same profit, he made the results private.
Well i made some screenshots from his account so i got still prove.
I will upload them.

The results on account 19776 are from an EA called fx genius robot. ( see website for details.
If you don't believe just try it and you will see you get the same results.
Oct 08 2009 at 19:35
8 posts
Hereby the printscreens from yesterday.

Everything is the same. Well i don't think there is one EA with the same results as another EA.

Maybe Pheniox can give an explanation.


Oct 08 2009 at 20:05
8 posts
Think he, Pheniox made it clear on his original a post that he used it to get some free advertising for his own site and work.

Was a good idea to be at the top postings here.
He never said it was for sale and made reference to his own programs. On his site he foes not try to sell it either.

Sad that now all these people here have simply killed a good idea, and probably could have simply PM'd for a better explanation rather than to trash his good name.
Just my two cents worth.

As to the 'Genuis' ea it does not work as you are ripping off the broker and have to use low end brokers to get those results. Even Bernard mentioned that to everyone in a posting on some forum that this was a 'scam' program that even if you found a broker to make it work, the odds of ever getting your money back, would be simply a wish.

Would be nicer to see people simply remove all this, and have allowed Bernard to get some free advertising from here.

If you go through all the systems here that is mostly what everyone is doing anyway.

Anyhow as I understand it he removed his postings as he has better things to do and his other systems here are doing very good and will make their way to the top at any rate.

Oct 08 2009 at 20:18
8 posts
Don't know who you are but i recommend you to read te discuss again on

He is not saying, that it is another program.

Pheniox says:
I have placed this system here only to reflect my programming abilities, and to bring some attention to the other successful programs, I have and am currently developing, for public release.

You can read it over here

I think you are Pheniox, just with another nickname try to cover everything up.
Oct 09 2009 at 03:50
25 posts
this EA 'king artur' is a SCAM, THIs CRAP EAs are spoiling this great site.
Oct 09 2009 at 11:07
1 posts
No comments on the ea itself.But i will say this ...when external proof becomes so necessary internal experience is not possible.Yet only when internal experience becomes important external proof is no longer necessay.We all are seeking here a place of beingness thats financial freedom.Yet, when we see success and scream foul!..scam.. you r not allowing yourself to resonate with where you all are trying to Be...We have more programs built into us than any EA out there.Most of 'these' built in programs are the ones which dont work !
Oct 09 2009 at 16:01
8 posts
Well made my point deleting this fake statement.
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