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Andreichar (By forex_trader_[391549] )

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Andreichar Discussion

Feb 08 2017 at 13:08
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Feb 10 2017 at 08:00
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you can send me a personal message and I will give you the details.
thanks and good luck
May 14 2017 at 07:13
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I used Grinta service from December 2016 till April 2017 and totally I have 5% lost for my overall investment in 5 months.

Only one good thing is that I have escaped my initial deposit even with this lost. Could be worth.

Many bad things about them:

- They will feed you with offers for different bonuses or credits to your account which not working at all as no different for position lot size opened.

- They not available to provide professional support and clarify your questions regarding bank transfers issues. They just withdrawing your needs and forwarding you to solve/ find a solution alone.

- They have their account with Czech Republic bank and when you withdrawing money from your trade account you will lose 3 – 7% of the amount because this bank using chain of other correspondence banks and do not have straight agreements with other banks to provide transferring with lowest rates.

- Once Grinta understands that you would take your money from them, they will create new rules to take from you as much possible different commissions, penalties and so on. I did 3 transfers with small amounts to different banks to find out pay less commission and when I decide to withdraw all deposit they suddenly create a rule that if withdrawing more than one time per month you will be charged for 4% of the amount.

- Servant Michael from client service assistance is extremely unsolid person and very easy can betray you at an important moment, when I request withdrawal all my deposit he closed my account (I did not intend to close it) and told me that he is the manager and it is up to his opinion how to treat a client… and finally he reject support me says “good bay”. Of course, when you experiencing such approach from the person who keeps your money, - your next wish is to escape your money asap from them.

- Just remember, if you willing to keep your money less than 365 days with Grinta Invest, you will lose any profit and not the fact you will escape your initial deposit as they may do with your money whatever they want without any responsibility and excuses. They wish keep client’s money under a bank deposit conditions, when you withdrawing early of agreed time you not getting deposit interest, that the approach of Grinta as they thinking about them self they a bank. They actually forgot that a bank in such case still will allow less interest.

- Grinta promise 3 – 5% of monthly return, first month was great and they bought my attention and I give good comment for them on FPA site and increase my invest, but after it was waste of time and finally money. Dec + 6.31 %, Jan + 3.4 %, Feb + 2.83 %, Mar + 2.64 %, Apr + 3.06 % = 18.24% minus 30% of grinta performance fee = 12.77% from my deposit I could receive, but dealing with Grinta Invest I have big loss totally.

- Grinta promised me that they very-very shortly becoming registered certified with some authority to be under regulation, - sweet song, they never intend to be regulated, such entity never may be regulated by respective authorities. Also they always telling about they will listed on the stock exchange, but it absolutely empty words, - only to force you to deposit more amount.

Simply what you may do with Grinta Invest is give them your money, they will manage it for their profit and may be you will escape it back from them. In fact you given your money to someone who name himself as Michael and you cannot be sure that this person not will disappear at some moment with your money.

Finally, here is the fragment of email I receive from Grinta:

“I have only one advise for you - In the future, talk less and do more and NEVER complain about a business that still holds your money.... lucky for you I'm an honest person and Grinta-Invest is A VERY HONEST broker. I know of many others that never got their money back, even after making 1000 complaints on all websites online. If you ever plan to bad mouth a service, make sure you got your money back first.

Just a friendly advise.

Michael, Grinta-Invest”

I am bindingly do not recommend Grinta Invest, to trust as a business partner as surely declaring Grinta Invest is scam, cheat, trick and fraud.
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