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Arbitrage trading

Gain : +905.61%
Drawdown 0.40%
Pips: 4745.8
Trades 2292
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Automated

Arbitrage trading Discussion

Dokterpi (Dokterpi)
May 13 2020 at 06:39
9 posts
Hi Jas 91,

Of course I still use Grinta-Invest, I have already tried a lot but this system and the broker is the best there is Even during Corona we have very nice results I would recommend everyone to also use the service they offer .I hope to continue for many years to come.

May 13 2020 at 07:49
3 posts
The system looks good. I'm gonna keep checking for updates on this system.

Dokterpi (Dokterpi)
May 13 2020 at 08:41
9 posts
I can gife you update directly from my account pm me.

May 13 2020 at 15:26
2 posts
Same here...
Adios all , I have been checking this link from a friend that says its worth to try.
Few days will monitor here day by day, than give it a try for few weeks in live account.
If in real its not like here in the site than will close the account

Will start to check about account opening procedure


greesam posted:
The system looks good. I'm gonna keep checking for updates on this system.

May 13 2020 at 15:28
2 posts
Mr Jecob,
nice post, got me thinking a little about myself and to understand i am defiantly type 1 after been years type 2 :))

jecob001 posted:
I think its much depends on the TYPE of person you are,
As I see it , there is 3 main types
1. investor
first if you are looking to invest with experience team and system and algo ,
Let them do the hard work and bring results,
Dont want to watch the markets and the system, just the money part, and let it run for long time
preferred months and years than Arbitrage with Grinta and other system can fit your needs

2. trader
If you like to do some technical, fundamental news, learn strategies.
learn to develop some EA and robots, or even sit and trade manually during the trading hours
which needs much more time effort and energy, BUT if you like it than great

3. combination of both
You can enjoy from both worlds, put some money with investment company or system to trade for you
and also have in parallel another 1-2 accounts with some more money to trade,
separate between them both , and time will tell if you will choose to be #1 or #2 or stay #3 :))

Think about it...
will catch some updates later , cheers social trader :)

May 13 2020 at 16:26
2 posts
I'm also interested to try this system, but can't reach Grinta. Did anyone newly succeed to contact them?
Contact Us section in their website doesn't work - can't send message.
4 support phone numbers of different countries given on website are out of service.

Primegroup (Primegroup)
May 14 2020 at 01:04
28 posts
Sijab6 posted:
I am very interested and asking some more questions in private.
I need to see some more proofs that its real,
the history, all the history, to login to a real account,

I see its REAL and I trust MYFXBOOK but some of my demands makes sense and will make many of us more safe
and secure to believe .

I asked this from few other people here that most of them founds reason how to avoid my questions :))

If you can answer my questions and give some proofs I will deposit 20k eur to start testing you LIVE

Hola everyone

He/she is probably their own broker, I would stay away

Dokterpi (Dokterpi)
May 14 2020 at 06:53
9 posts
People who want to know everything about the arbitration and want to see my history from the past 4 years, send me a pm at

May 14 2020 at 07:52
2 posts
Grinta posted:
Hello Pandemv,

I don't see any kind of contact request on your side, or email... or a missed call.

I don't think you really tried to contact us or maybe clicked the wrong button.

Please contact the support team and we will be more than happy to answer all questions -

Have a good day.


I did mention that website is not working hence you didn't receive email.
Phone numbes are out of service so obviously you don't see miss call.
Somehow both of these 2 symptoms put question mark on reliability.
I've sent the email to support now.

Mindstraders (Mindstraders)
May 14 2020 at 09:41
41 posts

I'm also a happy user of this system since 2016. Today added my own arbitrage account to this site

Wish all of you a great day ahead and successful trading results!!!

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