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Arbitron Sprinting (by leapfx)

Gain: +191336.67%
Drawdown: 1.35%
Pips: 5634.5
Trades: 1948
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:2000
Trading: Automated
Rainsom (rainsom)
Nov 03 2019 at 12:57
12 posts
Hi Guys,

Just an quick update of my Arbitron setting. My VPS seems to work well. Last week Arbitron performance got less trading activity with not very nice profit as you can see their trading history its transparency. BUT keep in mind market keep changing everyday so we need to depends on monthly result. I will do update again next week, keep in touch. Cheers.

hakan (breelynn)
Nov 05 2019 at 08:42
8 posts
Arbitrage strategy brokers do not support therefore in the long run is a loss of money and there is a risk that the broker will block your account.

And as I see LeapFX doesn't have a good past:

Nov 06 2019 at 05:15
68 posts

Thank you for your input. But there's more too arbitrage than you understand if you make a general statement like that. There's plenty of people including us who are doing just fine with arbitrage and not losing money.

Learn more about our service before judging our past: we work with various developers to release their systems. One system is no comparison to another.
Also, we have plenty of customers who did well with those systems. Most people will post negative review. People will positive experiences usually don't post.

Nov 07 2019 at 12:25
1 posts
yodamaster posted:
rainsom posted:
I will screen shoot here by next week, i need another week to test first. Dont worry, i am true user without getting any benefits from the developer. 😄 i like to explore different kind of robots.

Waiting ....

Still waiting on your results

SleepingFX (SleepingFX)
Nov 15 2019 at 01:57
56 posts
I just wondered why all your trades closed in 2min. There's parameter max time to close, Arbitron recommended is 6000 sec which is 100 min.

But some of my trades closed within 10sec even I had set the long set's setting. Please share your setting. Thanks.

Nov 15 2019 at 22:12
68 posts
Using Long Set file, which causes it to close trades at about 2 min. There is a faster set file that closes under 30 seconds. You are most likely using that one. If it has 100 min max, then it's most likely using teh under 30 seconds close on average.

SleepingFX (SleepingFX)
Nov 20 2019 at 14:43
56 posts
Nov 21 2019 at 20:05
68 posts
SleepingFX (SleepingFX)
Nov 30 2019 at 03:55
56 posts
Please refresh it. Thanks.

Nov 30 2019 at 06:51
4 posts
rainsom posted:
Hi Sir,

My result is totally different with your result, and i end up with losing. I did follow your instruction, file setting and VPS at london UK but no luck with it. Please advice.

Thank you

Hello, at the moment, price arbitration does not work normally. do not believe in fairy tales ....

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