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+BaliXtreem+ Discussion

Perdana S - email: [email protected] (cyberfx)
Mar 22 2011 at 04:49
7 posts

- Expert Advisors TEST -

I have programed this expert advisor myself [C++]


- Play / Tested at all currency
  available at FIGfx broker include
  commodity (Gold & Silver)

- Running at D1 Chart

- Tested on various FX broker MT4 Panel
  as detected discrapencies on a candle bar and
  indicators calculation for each FX broker MT4 Panels.
  This is the most challenges.

- Stragegy:

  Precise Indicator Calculation
  Several Indicator Comparison SET
  Indicators filtering (long term to short term)

  Candle Stick Analysis for entry point
  Volume analysis for entry point
  Market Move analysis for entry point
  Fibonachi analysis for entry point

  Auto Trailing Stop Loss
  Auto Close Position when necessary
  Auto Trailing on false move
  / Market Reversal / Pin Bar

  Not Open position at uncertain market
  based on conflicting indicators
  Not Open position at reversal point
  based on candle stick high low pivot analysis
  Not Open position at very short term move

So Fare so Good
Sell on Overbought and Buy on Oversold (SOB 'n BOS)
Rodney Jones (BusinessGuy09)
Mar 24 2011 at 06:00
23 posts
looks good bro
Believing is Achieving....Not that Orginal lol
Perdana S - email: [email protected] (cyberfx)
Mar 30 2011 at 06:16
7 posts
Hi Rodney Jones,

Have just checked on you page.
Hmm suffering but surviving :)

My advice, don't do scalping.
Usually, scalping script do a contra trend.
Scalping script that do follow trend, will suffer on market consolidation.

Scalping script is also dangerous for your Equity & Margin limit.

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Have Fun.
Sell on Overbought and Buy on Oversold (SOB 'n BOS)
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