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BeLikeWater v2 (By Belikewater )

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BeLikeWater v2 Discussion

Jun 15 2015 at 14:10
12 posts
Im looking for an investor. Please contact me on skype: luis_arti(Switzerland)
Aug 13 2015 at 06:38
105 posts
i rented this EA by mql5 and this is my careful and stay away

I rented the EA on last Sunday for 3 months after I have had long chats with the coder. He told me that the EA is secure and safe by showing me a lot of back-tests and demo accounts.

He is using another version in his DEMO account and selling newer version.

- Be Careful there is no REAL Account, which means the coder is not sure about his product!.

- I have differences in lot sizes and some trades. (I use my EA according to the seller instructions, so, why I have mismatch results or at least very similar ones?).

- Before I rent it he was very helpful, but after that he deleted me from Skype and didn’t reply to me. On mql5, it takes long time to reply.

- When I told him that I am going to write my feedback about losing 20% in a day (using promised safe settings) then he said it was wrong trades and he will make skype group for EA users. to tell them about those 'wrong trades'. The Expert Advisor need to close orders manually (so, it’s not full auto EA). You may see the comments.

- EA uses huge stop lose (1500 pips and more) which practically means it works very similar with no stop loss !.

- After I asked him to stop selling his EA to save people’s hard earned money, he said bad Words to me.

The trade result was -20% in just one day. He commented on this, it is normal to lose such percentage !!!.

Honestly, I thought to much before writhing this feedback, but I think, it is better to tell the thought to not make others lose their money. SO, I ADVICE YOU TO STAY AWAY. I will continue using it on demo. if I get better results, I will update my Feedback for sure to be fair.

*** UPDATE 12/08/2015 ***

The DEMO account of the Seller (4 Open Trades)

MY Account thats well done of the setting according to the seller instructions (zero trades)

he dleted me from skype and dont replay to messages here in mql5.
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