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Blessing 3.8 FXOpen Demo (By Wendy Loiharto )

The user has deleted this system.

Blessing 3.8 FXOpen Demo Discussion

Wendy Loiharto (WeNG)
Sep 28 2010 at 17:25
9 posts
looks promising right?
I wish i had some balance to start on real account..
High Pips, High Pain
Oct 02 2010 at 08:10
313 posts
coud you please send me your settings for this account please
Oct 03 2010 at 13:20
7 posts
If you read the Blessing manual and look into his trade history,then it's easy to get his setting.
Risk first, profit will follow..
Wendy Loiharto (WeNG)
Oct 03 2010 at 15:21
9 posts
@kishorejoga: answered by supremefx
i'm using recommended set files from Blessing website, i just adjust lot size and grid size to minimize drawdown.
Consistent profit is more important than one big profit. Just like my trading motto.
So, find your own trading style that more suitable for you..
High Pips, High Pain
Oct 09 2010 at 16:49
23 posts
Hi Wendy,

What are your adjusted lot size and grid size based on your 1k usd starting ?

I know Blessing ea can earn very good profits, but at same time, can have huge drawdown if people get greedy and want to get rich quick in a short time.

Please tell more on your adjusted lot size and grid size for our reference. I want to give this Blessing EA a try on demo account first.

Wendy Loiharto (WeNG)
Oct 10 2010 at 04:25
9 posts
try backtesting using 4 major pair set 1k from blessing and see which one works for you and you would know how Blessing works, also read the manual. You wouldn't know how this EA works until you read the manual.
If you know how martingale system works, you could control drawdown when market moves against you and i'm using some mixed trading, not fully automated (if you look into my trading history..) I don't trust EA, it just like it's name (Expert Advisor) just advise me what should i do.

Last word, greedy is not good for your heart (you can get a heart attack when you blew up your account..😈)
High Pips, High Pain
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