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THE BULLION (By Ettore )

Gain : +26.18%
Drawdown 14.62%
Pips: 20603.0
Trades 1864
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

THE BULLION Discussion

Ettore (santya95)
Sep 13 at 12:29
19 posts
Portfolio Attempt, multiple strategies running simultaneously.
This is demo testing, changes will follow in settings and applied strategies.
I do NOT advice copying this signal on live account.

This signal only trade XAUUSD.
I advice 5k balance to run safely this configuration, minimum leverage is 1:500.
ECN or low spread account is required for the best performance.
This system works with 2 strategies simultaneously.
1st strategy work with market structures, 2nd strategy aim scalp the market when conditions are met.
The account is activley monitored.
If you think my effort is worth leave a review that's grateful accepted.

Feel free to reach me on Telegram for further information > @Santya95 (
If you need an account with a reliable broker which provides low spread and low commissions reach me i will help you.

ZiNeX (zinex11)
Sep 30 at 10:26
14 posts
Gain: that is all the gain of the whole account, including payments/deposits
Abs. Gain: that is only the gain of the account concerning trading results (the real profit-gain).

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