We have been working in field of Forex for quite some time now. We have utilized and hosted Signals on various sites and have worked hard to develop our own automated EA strategies.

We feverishly attempted several times to start with a small balance and build it into something respectable but, each time, we eventually reached a critical mass whereby failure incurred taking away most, if not all, of our gains. These set backs are common here as so many of us know. But, we never gave up and kept working at it. The solution was right under our nose the whole time...

We switched back into using MAM Accounts and that seems to have solved the issues. The issues weren't our EA designs or the different models we derived from it. It wasn't flawed in the way we originally thought it might be that resulted in massive hours of review. It was simply that we needed a larger balance to allow it to run the way it was designed. As we have many small balance Investors surrounding us, the MAM system allows everyone to join in and reap the benefits without increased risk and with added security knowing the liability of all trades is placed as evenly as possible across all subaccounts which is a great feature.

Our results have been impressive and consistent as you can see.

The bigger our balance on these systems, the safer everyone's money is that is invested in it. Everyone gets a percentage of the profits based on the balance they carry in the MAM. No minimum balances required. You can withdraw any portion of your principal or gains at the end of the calendar month as you please. You can also increase your balance to achieve a higher percentage of gains at any time. It's that simple.

The cost is a straight forward 10% Performance Fee (which is low) that allows us to cover our expenses for hosting it. No performance, no fee.

We have launched 4 MAM Accounts so far and the 5th one is being readied for mid October. We intend to launch 10 MAM's before the end of 2017 and to achieve 100 working MAM's by the end of 2018.

We would like to invite as many eager Investors as we can to join us on these automated trading accounts. The bigger our balance, the safer it is.

Please consider checking out what we have accomplished and if you have a similar trading philosophy and would like to join us, please feel free to contact us anytime. We have chat rooms for each of the MAM's on Skype so we can all discuss everything as it is relevant.

Thank you for your time and your consideration and I hope you will comment about what we are doing so we may either improve it or, perhaps, elaborate with more details for those wanting to join us.

Happy Trading Everyone