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Callen Trading Inc (By Callen Aw )

The user has deleted this system.

Callen Trading Inc Discussion

Callen Aw (callenaw)
Jan 10 2012 at 20:50
25 posts

I'm new here and new to trading. Hello to you :)

I'm not sure how this works but look - seems like I'm not trading the jedi way.

I ran my account down and up to ~ 30% for the first month. Not sure if it's overconfidence but very sure it's psychology that cause my account to dive -50% within the next 2 months!

To be honest, I'm raped and still trying to overcome the traumas, trying to stay positive everyday. Since the massive drawdowns, I can't seem to get my account back to green or a retracement. I'm clearly in a downtrend waiting for a double bottom hoping to rally. Help me, Smart Traders!

I've reduce my lot size, SL reading psychology books as I find myself overtrading especially when I occur a loss. I'm also afraid to miss an opportunity, trying to get into every available setups. Maybe it's because I've experienced 100 over pips in a trade within an hour. I tend to be impatient when I know trading is about patience.

I don't know how this work but I'm happy I've setup this account in myfxbook and look forward to play a part in this huge family. I would appreciate your time looking at my stats and commenting on my work, however bad it is. I welcome all comments to help me a better lifelong trader.

Thank you and may pips fill your pockets :)

Let the market come to you
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