Contest - clomu (By clomu)

Gain : +9032.95%
Drawdown 21.80%
Pips: 1188.1
Trades 8018
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Unknown

Contest - clomu Discussion

Jan 19, 2015 at 12:45
4 Replies
Member Since Jan 08, 2013   3 posts
Feb 03, 2015 at 16:10
By my calculation this method will collect all of the money in the world in about a month (maybe less) at the current rate of return.😄
Member Since Nov 04, 2014   1 posts
Feb 03, 2015 at 20:33
Cool !!!
Member Since Jul 04, 2012   17 posts
Feb 03, 2015 at 20:33
amazing ea..
Member Since Nov 18, 2011   15 posts
Feb 03, 2015 at 20:45
this is arbitrage trading. In real account broker won;t allow this kind of trading.
Member Since Jun 27, 2011   30 posts
Feb 04, 2015 at 07:44
Frankly, myfxbook's contest are really irrelevant and dumb nowadays. In fact, to be harsh, it's low, inferior quality. it is ALWAYS crowded with such bots that can't work in real life. within half a day, the conventional traders are dead & buried for the rest of the contest. total loss of motivation to continue with the contest after half a day. Why don't myfxbook just create a contest of the bots separately. if the bots make million in a day, why are these so called traders competing with the rest of the pack for a mere $3500 prize?
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