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Contest - farizu (By farizu )

Gain : +909.56%
Drawdown 8.33%
Pips: 1787.1
Trades 665
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:50
Trading: Unknown

Contest - farizu Discussion

Jul 15 2011 at 07:26
16 posts
EURUSD man >>> How is it going ?
Jul 18 2011 at 07:32
1 posts
I have review all of the competition results and I like your performance results. The profits are small but very consistent. Very little drawdown. May I ask a few questions? Are you using a custom expert advisor? Can I purchase it? What is your plan in the near future? What is your email address? Thank you. Jim
Jul 18 2011 at 08:35
2 posts
Hi Jimbui, I have no plans to sell the ea at the moment. This contest is like a stress test for it, lets see how it does at the end shall we?
HENDRA HERMAWAN (cahayaharapan)
Jul 18 2011 at 08:48
78 posts
yeah your EA is very good performance. not like my rubbish EA
Jul 18 2011 at 10:52
2 posts
Sorry Hendra, but anyone who is trying to sell an EA on the performance of a contest without more information, like how long it has been running, what has been the longterm performance and dd, and in reply to someone else's enquiry, etc, in my book must be pedalling a rubbish EA. I am not selling my EA or any EA for that matter.
Jul 18 2011 at 11:14
18 posts
Hi farizu,
I also watched your calls, some of them are unbelievable in terms of execution. Maybe this type of trading can work on demo account, but i doubt it would work on real. If you really want to make a stress test, i would recommend to make a test on real (micro) account. Anyway, your style is very unique, i've never seen so fast calls with mt4. I would say it's almost high frequency trading on mt4 platform :)

May I ask you something, what's the size of the slippage for your orders? And, just curious, which time frame do you use, 10, 30 seconds? :)
Jul 22 2011 at 12:42
123 posts
no tf if i may guess... :)

but also curious about the slippage (if you track it)
Jul 22 2011 at 13:15
18 posts
y, quite possible that it's either a tick chart or range bar, but still, tf is not so important.. the most important is the logic itself and the execution environment.
Jul 22 2011 at 13:21
123 posts
the execution is .. mt4, and few other things as well
the tf does not matter, there is just noTF

the most important is execution on real environment besides FXCMs huge slippage even on demo
Jul 22 2011 at 14:36
18 posts
under 'execution environment' i meant conditions as well, slippage, spread, order execution time, correct volume.
I can't understand, what you mean by 'no TF'? do you emphasize TIME here or history of any frame overall?
any analysis relies on some price action in the past at least (i would also add volume, but with scalping i'm not sure, not good in it).
you have FI-comp, which is also good, but 'slower', so i assume you know better which are the major obstacles for this type of trading...
Jul 22 2011 at 14:41
123 posts
there is no analysis... so, no TF
yes, I know, the main problem is the broker
Del (horse1bun)
Jul 22 2011 at 15:05
70 posts
I agree. I thought some of my trade price executions were horrible, it must be the MT4 broker plugin, to nickel and dime you out of a fast, proper, buy or sell by market order. Not a good indication, in my opinion, for going live with the broker. The only excuse could be that they don't have as much computer power going to demo.
go with the flow; just be on the right end of the wave
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